What We Sharpen

  • Professional Sharpening

We sharpen all equipment either by hand or using the latest sharpening tools and technologies.

What do we Sharpen?

  • Professional Hair Shears/Scissors – Reg. $20 ea. / 3 for $50) plus & S/H
  • Professional Medical & Surgical Equipment
  • Manicurist Equipment
  • Fine Cutlery & Food Preparation Equipment
  • Military Grade Knives & Sword

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Free Sharpening Details

Shear Integrity wants to thank you for your continued support in ordering from this site.

Shear Integrity has 30 plus years of sharpening. See testimonials.

We are offering FREE LIFETIME SHEAR SHARPENING on any scissors ordered from us.

Send in your shears with:
a Copy of Your Invoice,
AND a Pre Paid INSURED UPS label.

Send your shears to:


Shear Integrity
551 West 181st Street
Suite 150
New York, NY

“ Sharpener to The Stars*” the New York Times

Always meticulously inspect your scissors before and after they have been sharpened. Take a before and after photo using a digital camera or the camera on your cell phone.

Most sharpening and repairs are done skillfully by hand.

Please allow 24-48 hrs. turnaround to ensure quality and our integrity.

Manic Monday’s Sharpening…[First shear Free]

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