ATTENTION: New York Tri-State Local Salon Customers:

Is your sharpener ruining your scissors?As you know Salon Sharpening has hit an all time low and getting worse by the week. As more unqualified scissor sharpeners are entering this already saturated industry making it nearly impossible to compete by providing High Quality Precision Workmanship. Salon Sharpening has become a thriving epidemic. To better understand the scope of the problem just ask any stylist in the business for 5 years or more who hasn’t had a Sharpening problem or story to tell. What happens when 95% of the Salon Sharpeners cannot sharpen and 98% of the Stylist don’t properly maintain their sensitive tools? The situation has become Toxic! The problem is far worse for the Barber, Grooming and Tailor trades.


Beware of venders soliciting the salons selling inferior Knockoffs. You should know the majority of ‘JAPANESE STYLE’ shears being sold under $300 are in fact not made in JAPAN. They are bought in bulk for as little as $10 a piece and being sold at the significantly higher price as the AUTHENTIC JAPANESE shears. To compound the problem these shears are being dumped on the Barber and Animal Grooming trade who are far better off using the more durable ORIGINAL GERMAN TEMPERED STEEL shears designed for that type of rough work and treatment.

By mis-labeling the country of origin and using generic descriptive terms (i.e. Japan Steel, Hitachi Steel, and Cobalt Japan etc) to deceive unsuspecting stylist. Most of these products are made in China, Taiwan and Korea at a fraction of the cost. Finished in USA means Pakistan! FACT: Use a magnet when identifying cobalt scissors. (A true super cobalt material is non magnetic).

Shear Integrity does not believe their customers should pay $25-$35+ to sharpen and repair a $5 cast-metal blank. IF YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE BEEN DE-FRUADED YOU HAVE RIGHTS! Contact the following:

Department of Commerce

Federal Trade Commission

Your State Attorney General’s Office or Better Business Bureau.

Shear Integrity is scaling back our Salon sharpening Service to one team. If you are a Loyal and Satisfied customer of Shear Integrity this should not affect you. About 80% of Shear Integrity’s Salon Sharpening is Corrective and half of that should be replaced or discarded. Honing a pristine edge on a scissor with only half a blade does not make it new! Every time Shear Integrity enters a Salon we are undermining and maligning our own reputation. If after 30+ years Shear Integrity, with its gold standard insurance policy backing our highest quality workmanship and providing detailed illustrated instructions has not taught certain customers the importance of alternating between shears and daily maintenance. (I.e. Proper Adjustment/ Tension, Lubricating and Cleaning, and not to treat their tools carelessly by sharing them with their co workers or dropping them onto hard surfaces or tap the combs to remove hair etc) then we feel it’s time to take tighter control of the work we accept. It’s almost impossible for any busy stylist to cut with only one scissor without incident between servicing! It’s uncanny how certain customers will only remember the last person to touch their tools. Why spend $200 + on your shears only to have them perform like a $50 knock off within the first few weeks. If you are not going to take responsibility for your tools than why not replace them every 3-6 months rather than sharpen them because the edges will dull out within days due to miss-use and neglect! When it comes to sharpening, Shear Integrity has always been more concerned about Quality and not Quantity. Shear Integrity does not wish to perpetuate or be part of the problem.


These are tough economic times and the last thing anyone needs is to replace their expensive shears after only a few sharpenings.

Loyal Customers can still expect the same quality service. Shear Integrity will still send TWO scissor techs and usually a third sales person.


The sharpening is triple redundant then double checked by a second tech and finally inspected and approved by YOU! Shear Integrity also provides an Illuminated Magnification Lamp for further scrutiny and inspection!

Always meticulously inspect your scissors before and after they have been sharpened. Take a before and after photo using a digital camera or the camera on your cell phone.


Shear Integrity will provide digital photos of your scissors before and after they were sharpened and email them to you upon request…READ MORE!

If you had your shears sharpened by another service and were not satisfied with the quality of the work, Shear Integrity will correctively re-sharpen and repair your first pair of scissors for only $10.

For your protection and peace of mind, Shear Integrity asks all Loyal and perspective customers to either read first or download our WIN-WIN Customer Insurance Policy provided below. You may even save it as a file and choose between three colors. Just Read it!!!

Shear Integrity only sells RECOGNIZED BRANDS.
We encourage our customers to GOOGLE before purchasing for the most honest and reasonable prices.