Alert Consumer Warning


Have you or someone you know had a bad experience as the result of scissor sharpening or had their shears ruined by a sharpening service? All one has to do is look around their own salon! Salon Sharpening has become a thriving epidemic! Did you know that 75% of all first time sharpening is done incorrectly and half of that should be replaced or discarded? This is usually caused from unnecessarily removing too much of the critically essential metal from the blades rendering your shears worthless!

The problem is far worse for the Barber, Tailoring and Pet Grooming trade. Simply inspect your edges after they were sharpened by comparing them to a new edge and the difference is painfully obvious. Armed with these sobering statistics Hair Stylist should think twice before spending hundreds of dollars on their next pair of scissors!

If you think the Japanese are immune to these problems you would be surprised to learn that salon sharpening, even in Japan, is rated a “4” on a scale of 1 to 10. During our last visit to scissor manufacturers in Japan, my wife Hiroko and I were told this repeatedly during meetings with factory owners.

It would be impractical or impossible for every stylist to return their shears back to the original manufacturer for servicing and repairs.

Before you decide to have someone perform actions by practicing on the prized tools of your craft, find out how they will be serviced. Don’t let servicing the tools of your trade become a scary proposition, but be sure to have a full knowledge of what is being done with your shears.

Sharpening is more than just honing the blades. No two scissors are alike and no two stylists cut exactly the same. Each shear has its own quirks when time to sharpen. Salon sharpening and sharpening in general is a lot like playing Russian Roulette. Learn as much terminology to best communicate your needs with your sharpener and to get a better sense of their competence. Always trust your first instinct. If you don’t feel comfortable handing over your costly shears, take a pass. Once any metal is removed it cannot be replaced!

With over 30+ years experience in business sharpening for the beauty trade and medical industry where sharpness and precision is critical, SHEAR INTEGRITY has earned one of the highest customer satisfaction records in the industry. This was no easy feat, especially given that more than half our business consists of corrective sharpening and repair as a result of damage caused by another sharpening service. To complicate matters, you should know that most scissors being sold today as Japanese shears are actually inferior copies that cost a fraction to produce–yet they are being sold at the significantly higher prices of the authentic Japanese shears.

SHEAR INTEGRITY does not wish to malign honest and reputable sharpening services and scissor manufacturers. Neither does SHEAR INTEGRITY believe that everyone should cut with $500+ shears made only in Japan. SHEAR INTEGRITY also does not believe that their customers should pay $25-50 to sharpen or repair a $5 cast-metal blank. (Ironically it is simpler to sharpen an authentic Japanese shear, because the alloys in the Japanese shear make it more responsive and the results more predictable than the weaker, inferior steels used in the copies and knockoffs.)

Please be aware that an increasing number of unqualified sharpeners are entering this now Franchised Business and practicing on your shears while this highly saturated field is in no way regulated. Before you trustingly hand over your tools to the next sharpener to visit your salon or mail them away to an unproven vendor, please take these few important steps:

Ensure that the Vendor is legitimate and doing business legally for your protection.

SHEAR INTEGRITY advertises in all the major beauty trade magazines: Modern Salon, American Salon, Nail Pro, and Beauty Store Business and is listed in the Gold and Green Book Directories.

Find out what insurance they offer if you are not satisfied with the quality of their work.

SHEAR INTEGRITY insures all work up to $750.00 per shear. If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of the work, you don’t pay!

Take control and responsibility of your tools. Learn how to properly maintain them between servicing. The more knowledgeable you become the more you will appreciate our quality workmanship and dedication. Before any work is to be performed, have your sharpener explain what’s wrong and how they plan to correct them.

Have them show you a new shear that has not been sharpened or correct one blade first for your comparison and inspection.

SHEAR INTEGRITY provides illuminated magnification for your further scrutiny and examination.

Ask for references.

SHEAR INTEGRITY offers salon references upon request.

Referrals welcome and rewarded with product and service discounts!

The Management of SHEAR INTEGRITY hopes you read this in the spirit in which it was intended. Beware of entrusting the prize tools of your craft-those for which you have paid hundreds of dollars-to inferior and unqualified “scissor technicians”. It’s frustrating when you entrust something so important to someone and it is returned with a new problem. Someone must go on record to raise the bar and industry standard. SHEAR INTEGRITY wants to earn your TRUST, MUTUAL RESPECT AND LOYALTY. WE ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS OUR LAST SHARPENING!