Dirty Dog Dynasty Lilac Shear



DirtyDog Dynasty Lilac Shear

Introducing our latest sensation, the Dirty Dog Dynasty Lilac Shear! These shears are making waves as the successor to the popular Dynasty R, and they boast an enchanting appearance. Offered in sizes 5.5″ and 6″, these shears promise both beauty and performance.

Reimagining the renowned Dynasty Iris model, the Dynasty Lilac stands out with its captivating pinkish-purple titanium coating and a clear diamond dial. Crafted from high-quality Hitachi 440C Japanese stainless steel, these shears combine durability with precision. The blades are expertly forged in China to deliver exceptional cutting power and long-lasting sharpness.

Embrace the innovation and style of the Dirty Dog Dynasty Lilac Shear, where form meets function in perfect harmony. Add these shears to your toolkit and experience the elegance and efficiency that has already captured the hearts of hairstylists worldwide.

DirtyDog Dynasty Lilac Shear

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"5.5", "6.0"


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