Make your sharpeners email you before and after photos of your scissors being serviced along with a matching receipt for your records. What better proof and protection when incredibly most scissors are never the same after being sharpened!
8 out of 10 sharpeners cannot duplicate or even follow a simple convex edge convex edge, so don’t be surprised when they destroy those Dry Cut edges that have a more complex geometry to the blades! It would be naive to assume the same person or vendor that sold you your High-End shears are always Qualified to Sharpen and service them!
Incredibly the very same people and vendors who sold your over priced shears are returning them with shoddy edges after servicing. Always take a before and after photo of your scissors being serviced and get a matching detailed receipt. In a service that requires Precision and Accuracy, anything Less is inexcusable and unacceptable.  What you put up with  You end up with!  #barber #barbers #barberlife