Jaguar Orca Razor


Jaguar Orca RazorItem no. 3807Long blades 62.0 mmElegantly designed hair shaper in matt black and stainless steel. New and improved ergonomic position lets users achieve the smooth and precise cutting action that these kinds of cuts demand. Easy, secure blade changes with removable blade holder. Comes with 10 double blades.Orca  for long blades (62.0 mm).


Jaguar Orca Razor

Elegance and Functionality Combined

Welcome to the world of the Jaguar Orca Razor (Item no. 3807), where sophistication meets unparalleled functionality. Designed for the discerning professionals in hairdressing, this razor is more than just a tool – it’s an emblem of style and precision. Featuring a sleek matt black finish with stainless steel accents, it sets new standards in modern hairstyling with its exceptional cutting prowess.

Ergonomic Design for Enhanced Precision

Reengineered with an advanced ergonomic design. This enhancement ensures each cut is both smooth and precise, perfectly catering to the intricate demands of detailed haircuts. The thoughtfully designed ergonomic positioning offers increased comfort and control, enabling detailed styling without hand fatigue.

Versatile Long Blades

Outfitted with 62.0 mm long blades, this Razor excels in versatility. These blades adeptly handle a multitude of cutting techniques. Ideal for a wide array of styles, they excel from fine texturizing to crafting bold and expressive hair designs.

Secure and Easy Blade Change

The razor features a user-friendly, detachable blade holder, simplifying and securing blade replacements. This design ensures that stylists can efficiently continue their work, prioritizing safety in a fast-paced environment.

Ample Supply with Double Blades

This Jaguar Razor comes well-equipped with 10 double blades, ready for numerous styling sessions. These blades are specially designed to work seamlessly with the razor, enhancing the overall cutting experience.

Tailored for Professional Styling

Specifically engineered for long blades (62.0 mm), the Orca model meets the unique requirements of professional stylists. From sculpting and shaping to texturizing, the Orca Razor is an indispensable tool for achieving impeccable results.

Embrace the art of hairstyling with the Jaguar Orca Razor, your partner in achieving the perfect cut. It’s not just a tool – it’s a statement of excellence in your hairstyling toolkit.

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