Genuine Joewell 6 Inch Left Handed Shear- LC60 Ergonomic



Joewell Left Handed Shear

Introducing the Genuine Joewell 6-Inch Left Handed Shears, meticulously forged and hand finished in Japan. These shears are the perfect choice for those seeking an exceptional introduction to Joewell quality at an affordable price.

With its Scissor Model: Joewell F Scissors, LC60, and a Blade Length of 6.0 inches, these shears offer precise cutting performance. The Super Alloy Convex blade ensures unmatched sharpness, while the regular finger hole size provides a comfortable grip.

Designed without any color coating, these shears exude a sleek and professional look. Weighing only 1.5 oz., they are lightweight and well-balanced, allowing for optimal control and reduced hand fatigue.

Crafted with left-handed users in mind, the shears feature a symmetric handle design that enhances ease of cutting and overall comfort. Handcrafted in Japan, these award-winning Joewell scissors are trusted by industry professionals worldwide for their exceptional cutting quality.

Joewell Left Handed Shear

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