Kasho Desgin Folding Razor



Kasho Desgin Folding Razor

The Design Folding Razor is meticulously engineered for precision and ease of use. Its ergonomic design ensures the blade enters the hair with unparalleled accuracy, making every grooming session a breeze. Designed to be held intuitively, much like riding a bike, this razor positions the ring finger from the rear for optimal control. This unique grip allows the handle to maintain a fixed 45-degree angle, a crucial factor for achieving the most effective razor cut.

Customizable Tension, fine-tune your grooming experience with the adjustable tension screw. This feature enables you to modify the folding motion, providing added convenience during storage. (Please note: Right-handed use only). Comes with a Bonus Blade: As a bonus, the Design Folding Razor comes equipped with one blade, ensuring you’re ready to tackle your grooming needs right out of the box.

Elevate your grooming game with the Design Folding Razor – where precision meets comfort, and every cut is a masterpiece.

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Kasho Desgin Folding Razor

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