Y.S. Park 35G5 Curl & Shine



Y.S. Park 35G5 Brush

Experience hair styling perfection with the Y.S. Park 35G5 Curl Shine Brush. This lightweight wonder, weighing just 1.3 oz, boasts 26 lines and 14 rows, providing optimal coverage for your styling needs. Its compact dimensions of W 1.3 x L 8.4 make it a versatile companion for any hairstylist.

Crafted with precision, this brush combines the power of natural boar bristles and heat-resistant polyamide pins. Engineered for excellence, it caters to all blow drying requirements, offering faster drying times that minimize heat damage. The unique combination of long heat-resistant polyamide pins (orange) and short boar bristles (white) allows you to achieve impeccable results – smooth, straight locks or vibrant, gleaming curls.

Engineered with your comfort in mind, the super-light hollowed wood body ensures efficient airflow, preventing discomfort from clammy hands. The handle is designed for the stylist’s ultimate control, featuring an air hole-infused comfort grip that guarantees precision with every stroke. Its dimpled texture ensures a natural and organic feel, making the Y.S. Park 35G5 Curl Shine Brush your unparalleled tool for seamless styling.

Experience the pinnacle of hairstyling innovation with the Y.S. Park 35G5 Curl Shine Brush. From its lightweight design to the synergy of boar bristles and polyamide pins, this brush revolutionizes your hair styling routine. Elevate your craft with a touch of excellence, ensuring stunning, salon-worthy results every time.

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