YS Park 452 Brush



YS Park 452 Brush

YS Park Straight Shine Styler Round Brush

These are made from natural teak wood, and contains 100% natural boar bristles. The boar bristles smooth the hair€™s cuticle, creating more shine with a sleeker and straighter look. This brush is designed with the signature Y.S. PARK ventilation holes around the bristles that allow for faster drying than traditional brushes. The wooden handle is shaped for comfort with ventilation holes that allow your hands to dry while drying your hair, keeping your grip solid. The neck of the handle is designed for easier and faster rolling. Available in two sizes.

  • The oval handle is hollowed to keep the brush light and moving freely.
  • All natural boar bristles.
  • Suitable for all blow-drying needs.
  • Faster drying prevents heat damage to hair.
  • Two different sizes.
  • Oval versions are listed as “Super Straight Shine Stylers” and are on a different page.
Model Bristle Count Length/Width (in.) Weight (oz.)
YS-452 12 rows, 17/18 bristles each L 8.66″ x W 2.2″ 1.6
YS-602 14 rows, 17/18 bristles each L 8.66″ x W 3.0″ 2.8

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