Y.S. Park Black Carbon Tiger Brushes


Y.S. Park Black Carbon Tiger Brush 430 Lightweight10 Lines x 22 RowsW 38mm x L 233mmNatural Wooden & CarbonHeat Resistant Bristles & PinsA strikingly powerful brush, the Y.S. Park Carbon Tiger Brush is made with natural bristles and heat resistant pins. Specially sized to suit all blow drying needs; faster drying always means less heat damage.The long heat resistant pins smoothly grab and lustrously straighten the hair while the short boar bristles create gleaming curls resulting in a finish incomparable to any other.With a super light hollowed wood body for a better airflow, the handle


YS Park Black Brush

Introducing the Y.S. Park Carbon Tiger Brush, a dynamic hairstyling tool crafted with precision. Its wooden and carbon construction ensures durability and heat resistance for superior results.


  • Lightweight Design
  • 10 Lines x 22 Rows
  • Dimensions: W 38mm x L 233mm
  • Natural Wooden & Carbon Construction
  • Heat Resistant Bristles & Pins

Engineered for various blow drying needs, the Carbon Tiger Brush ensures faster drying while minimizing heat damage. Long, heat-resistant pins smooth and straighten hair, while short boar bristles create lustrous curls for an unmatched finish.

Enhanced by a super-light hollowed wood body, this brush promotes airflow, facilitating a seamless hairstyling experience. Elevate your hair styling with the Y.S. Park Carbon Tiger Brush – an embodiment of exceptional craftsmanship and results.

YS Park Black Brush

Additional information

Weight 0.32 lbs

YS-430(T-7), YS-490(T-6), YS-510(T-5), YS-560(T-4), YS-580(T-3), YS-650(T-2), YS-680(T-1)


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