YS Park Wooden Styling Brush 451


Great for straightening hair!!The different colored rows of bristles is a great guide for beginning stylists and for educators, especially when learning (or teaching) different styling techniques that require the use of specific portions of a brush.The rubber portion (where the bristles are implanted) is the same material as a baby pacifier, which has superb resistance against heat and moisture. It also creates firm natural tension for straightening hair and adds sheen.7 rows


YS Park YSBR451 Brush

Achieve precision in styling with the YS Park YSBR451 Brush. Its multi-colored bristle rows serve as an invaluable guide for aspiring stylists and educators, aiding in mastering distinct styling techniques that demand specific brush portions. The rubber implantation area, akin to a baby pacifier, exhibits exceptional resistance to heat and moisture. Additionally, it imparts firm, natural tension for hair straightening, while enhancing its shine. Perfect for honing your styling skills and delivering impeccable results.

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